Water Heater Repair Service in the Austin Area

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One of the things we pride ourselves on most here at Fast Plumbing is our outstanding water heater repair and maintenance service. Here’s why: we know how much the immediate availability of warm, potable water contributes to our residential customers’ comfort and health and to our commercial customers’ success.

Just think about how much less pleasant life is without warm water. For example, if you’re a parent who’s had to bathe a toddler before, then you definitely don’t want to repeat the experience with only cold water. Or how about taking a nice long hot bath after a long week at work? Even a simple task like cleaning the kitchen sink becomes more difficult and annoying without hot water.

That’s why our team of water heater experts wants to help you ensure you get the best possible use out of your water heater.



Features of our Water Heater Repair Service and Maintenance

As experienced residential and commercial plumbers, we provide all kinds of water heater repair service and maintenance services. Features include:

  • 24/7 emergency repair services
  • Top-rated advice from experienced, certified professionals
  • Knowledge of all types of water heaters including tankless, storage tank, gas, electric, hybrid, and open vent models
  • Itemized pricing up front
  • Fully-stocked trucks for fast service
  • Always up to code
  • Annual and bi-annual maintenance plans available
  • Full system flushing to remove sediment and prevent blockages

Benefits of Choosing Fast Plumbing for Your Water Heater Repair and Maintenance Service

Water heaters are no small investment, which is why it’s our mission to help our customers get the highest ROI from their appliances. Benefits of choosing us for water heater repair service include:

  • Complimentary advice to reduce your water and energy consumption—and at the same time, keep your utility bills low
  • Advice on available rebates for new water heaters
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Top-rated service for both residential and commercial customers

In addition, we’re also known for our honesty. If your water heater is on its last legs, we won’t try to sell you any expensive repairs. We’ll inform you what’s going on and provide you with objective information so you can decide on your best course of action.

So don’t worry. For the best possible water heater repair and maintenance service in the Austin area, contact Fast Plumbing today!