Hydrostatic Test Drain Line Austin Tx

Hydrostatic Test Austin Tx

A hydrostatic test is a process is plugging the main drain line that comes out from the house, filling the drain pipe with water up to slab level and watching the water level for up to 15 minutes.  If the drainage system does not fill to slab hight or if the water level begins to drop. A falling water level indicates a slab leak in the drain piping under the house.  Hydrostatic drain testing should be performed before you purchase a house when purchasing a property at high risk. These high-risk properties include homes with cast-iron piping and homes which have had foundation repair. Leaking pipes under the slab are costly to repair and can cause the foundation shift. Call Fast Plumbing today and let us help

Hydrostatic Drain Test Cost

The cost of a hydrostatic drain test in Austin Tx average between $275 and $475. Price depends on how difficult was it is to locate the cleanout, to remove and reset a toilet. and documentation of a written report, pictures or a copy of video inspection. The wastewater drains need to be checked for leaks, each time a house is purchased.

Hydrostatic Drain Test Fails

The next step is to perform a drain leak detection to locate these leaking in the wastewater lines, some HD video camera inspection is the first step. And then hydrostatic leak isolation of the drain pipes system.

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