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Here at Fast Plumbing, we offer garbage disposal services in Austin and its surrounding cities. Our friendly and reliable technicians are standing by to help out. Whether you require installation or repairs, Fast Plumbing is here to help.

Before any work is done, we will offer a free estimate. We will call you ahead of time when the plumber is on his way. You can count on us to do the job correctly.

We offer garbage disposal installation, garbage disposal repair, garbage disposal replacement and much more. 




Common Garbage Disposal Problems and Solutions

Hums or Jammed – A garbage disposal is jammed or clogged when the motor hums, the machine doesn’t grind or loud noises are not heard. It will be wise to turn the garbage disposal off and disconnect it from the electric socket. Often large objects like fruit pits, bones, or small utensils will fall into the garbage disposal and jam it. 


  1. Unplug the garbage disposal or turn off the circuit breaker.
  2. Under the sink, using a hex wrench unscrewed the hex-shaped hole.
  3. Remove the object obstructing the garbage disposal.

Grinds Poorly – The garbage disposal runs correctly, but it is not grinding. The most common problem is the blades have been broken or worn off. Usually its easier and cheaper to replace the whole garbage disposal unit.

Clogged – Water in the sink stands and does not drain. This problem is not related to your garbage disposal. In most cases, it is a plumbing problem. Pipes have clogged up, or some other issue has occurred.

Leaks – The garbage disposal is leaking. Locate the leak and pinpoint the source. Often there is a loose end that needs to be tightened. A drain gasket can help with the garbage disposal mounting screws.


Basic Garbage Disposal Installation

  • Use cold water when operating the garbage disposal. Hot water can melt multiple types of fats and clog the disposal and pipes once it cools down.


  • Never overfill the garbage disposal.


  • Do not pour chemicals that can harm the garbage disposal; this includes bleach cleaners or other related substances.


  • Never grind overly fibrous materials such as coffee grounds, glass, metal, rubber, or bones. (Check your personal garbage disposal’s manual to see which objects can be used for your garbage disposal.)


  • Always run water before you operate the garbage disposal. If something is jamming the garbage disposal, make sure to turn off the power and use tongs to remove the object obstructing the machinery.

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