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Low water pressure Austin TX,  you may need to install a PRV (pressure regulator valve) yours may be failing. Most basic tasks like taking a shower, washing your car or watering your garden can be frustrating. There are many things that can bring out low water pressure in your water pipes. If you are dealing with low water pressure throughout your home, our experienced Austin TX water specialist can diagnose the problem.

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Do I have high or low water pressure?

You can test for low water pressure by buying a water pressure test gauge with a hose connection. Good water pressure is generally around 60psi anything below 35psi is considered low water pressure. As well, anything above 65psi is considered high water pressure and requires a pressure reducing valve. The water pressure requirements may vary from city to city. 

  • Low water pressure can increase the possibility that contaminants can enter into the pipes in your home or business. Simply not letting the system work properly.
  • High water pressure can cause damage to the water lines, fittings, fixtures, or make water heater’s pressure relief valve start leaking, and other appliances such as dishwasher, icemaker, the washing machine can be damaged by excessive water pressure. If any of these parts, components, should fail, flooding may occur.
  • A pressure boost pump system can be installed in the house or business. to increase your low water pressure.

 How to fix my low water pressure?

Fast Plumbing offers many solutions to fix your low water pressure. One of the most common low water pressure is caused by a failing PRV valve or a water leak. Fast Plumbing does install or replace PRV valves. We specialize in leak detection and repair, we have the best water leak detection equipment. Once the plumber repairs your leaking pipe it will restore your water pressure.

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