Professional Backflow Prevention Services

Backflow prevention is one of the most important elements of your property’s plumbing system. Here’s how it works: at every point where fresh water’s delivered in your home, there’s also a drain that removes wastewater. So for example, a bath has a faucet that delivers clean water to fill the tub. When you’re done soaking, you remove the stop, and the soapy water disappears down the drain. Some variation of this system is used for sinks, showers, toilets, bidets, outdoor faucets, washers and dishwashers, spas, and pools. It’s a simple yet brilliant system—and one that’s only possible thanks to backflow prevention.

Backflow prevention technology involves installing a one-way valve on your main drain. In the event clogs or leaks affect the water pressure and reverse the water in the plumbing system, this valve prevents the wastewater from entering the clean water supply.

Now, imagine life without backflow prevention. If a problem in the plumbing system occurs that causes the water pressure to drop, then wastewater starts flowing back into the plumbing system. In the worst case scenario, it not only backs up through the drain but actually forces its way into the clean water supply—and that’s not only foul but also potentially hazardous to human health.

Features of our Backflow Prevention Services in Austin, TX

Because backflow prevention can spare our customers a bunch of unpleasant and unhealthy scenarios, we’re dedicated to providing the most up to date and effective backflow prevention services possible. Features include:

  • Installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of backflow prevention valves and surrounding piping
  • Fast and effective diagnostics of fissures, leaks, and other problems
  • Reliable testing for potable water
  • Top-rated service by certified backflow prevention experts
  • Upfront, free, and transparent quotes

Benefits of Choosing Fast Plumbing for Backflow Prevention in Austin, TX

When it comes to selecting a plumber to handle your backflow prevention needs, you want a plumbing company that’s both experienced and has a proven track record of satisfied residential and commercial customers. That’s where Fast Plumbing is an outstanding choice for drain & sewer service. We understand the needs of every property owner; whether you’re a busy professional who’s only available on Saturday mornings, a caregiver for an elderly parent who needs us to take care of a problem right now; or a commercial property owner whose tenants are complaining about an unpleasant situation. We work within your schedule as much as possible and find a solution that works for everyone involved. Other benefits of choosing Fast Plumbing include:

  • Prompt and reliable
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Complementary, objective advice on your best options
  • Respectful of your home and property
  • Only the best quality parts used

Make sure your home or commercial property is hygienic and healthy: call Fast Plumbing for backflow prevention services today!