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The Importance of Using a Licensed Plumber Over the years DIY projects have gotten much attention. People choose not to call a plumber or contractor in many instances when they should. At this point, you may look for a plumber. It’s a great choice if you want to get the job done quickly and decently. The plumber will help you choose the right toilet bowl and related items that will go perfectly with your bathroom and sewage system. Moreover, of course, he’ll take off your old toilet bowl without any troubles or complications and install a new one in no time. Also, he’ll certainly have all necessary parts.  Besides, if you want to move your toilet to a new location, but not where the old one used to be, it requires rerouting of pipes. So that needs to be done by professional plumbers.

You may easily find Fast Plumbing if you go to our website  who provides his services in your local area and at a reasonable price. However, if you still want to do it yourself and have enough time and, most importantly, physical strength for that matter (because the toilet is quite heavy), then we will give you some tips on how to remove and install a toilet.

Taking Off the Old Toilet

Downwards position from a toilet exposing pipelines

In order not to lift the whole toilet, remove the water tank first. Then proceed to the toilet bowl part. To get rid of that piece, undo the trim caps at the bottom of the bowl along with the nuts and washers that sit on the securing bolts on both sides of your toilet. Then, take the knife and make your way with it along the seal that fills the space between the toilet and the floor and provides extra connection and leakage protection. After you’ve done that, you should be able to lift the bowl part freely.

Installing the Toilet

First, lift the bowl up above the flange. Try to place it the way that the securing bolts go through the holes on both sides of the toilet. Then, finish the process by pressing toilet against the floor to ensure a good connection between the bowl and wax ring. Level the toilet out with plastic shims. When you think that it’s perfect, hide your shimmers under the bowl. Then, place a washer on each of the bolts that are sticking out of the toilet’s side holes now. Put the nuts on top of the washers and tighten them good. Cover the securing part with the trim caps.  Okay lift the tank and make sure that the installed bolts go through the holes on the bowls’ top. Secure the bolts with nuts and check if the tank sits tight and sturdy on the bowl.