Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Emergency Tips

Not everyone has the time or money to fix an emergency emerging in the household. Having the knowledge to fix a problem on the spot can help in the long run and even prevent it. In this list, you will find multiple plumbing solutions to help your needs.

  • Shut off the main valve closest to the emerging leak.
  • Turn off the water heater. Most water heaters powered by gas will have a switch that can turn into a “pilot” position.
  • When unclogged preferably use a force cup plunger.
  • Use Teflon tape around the ferrule to temporary reduce the leak.
  • Try using slip-joint pliers to loosen the nuts on a drain line.
  • Make sure to move your furniture out the way to prevent water damage from occurring.
  • Remove standing water. It is important to remove standing water mold can grow within 24 hours to start colonizing.
  • Take pictures and write down notes. Documentation is important for a professional to know how serious the plumbing has proceeded.
  • Locate and record the underground pipelines. If you plan on having a sprinkler system installed in the future asked the contractor for a detailed diagram of the below-ground setup. This diagram will be helpful for future plumbing work.
  • Drain your water heater tank annually. This will help remove sediment and prevent it from building up.
  • Inspect your water tank at least once a month for any water leakage.
  • Learn where the main water shutoff valve is and known how to shut it down. Shutting down the main water shutoff valve can prevent small problems from becoming big problems.
  • Insulate your pipes when cold weather hits. On very harsh winters water could expand and break the pipeline being exposed to cold temperatures.
  • Always leave your water hose unscrewed from outside faucets.

Essential Plumbing Tools

Everyone should have tools in their household. This also includes tools that affordable and not too complicated to handle. Some tool recommendations include:

  • Force cup plunger
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Teflon Tape
  • Slip Joint Pliers

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