High Water Pressure in Austin TX

Fast Plumbing specializes in high water pressure in Austin, TX. If you are hearing the unusual sounds of water running through your water pipes or when you hear sounds of knocking or banging when you turn your faucets on and off. These are signs that you should call FastPlumbing.com to have a hydrostatic test performed. This is a simple test. We put a gage on the outside faucet, the gage will give us a pressure reading.

High water pressure, while it might make for a great shower or washing you’re a car, it can cause your pipes to burst and damage to your appliances. This type of problem can simply be fixed by installing a pressure reducing valve.

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What if my water pressure is too high?

The easy way to identify high water pressure is by turning on your outside faucet, if you have a really strong stream of water and starting to get excited then that is an indicator that you most likely have high water pressure. Most home or business water piping systems are not allowed by code to have over 65 psi of water pressure. If your home or business exceeds this limit you should call Fast Plumbing today to schedule your free estimate.

What causes high water pressure?

High water pressure in Austin, TX can happen to anyone. Living in a neighborhood where they are creating new development. The water municipality is simply just turning the water pressure up to supply the new neighborhood growth. In this case, the home or business owner is responsible for having a new PRV (pressure reducing valve) installed.

What can I do?

Call Fast Plumbing to have your lines tested today. We have solutions to all your high water pressure problems. Our trusted, licensed and background check technicians will come out to your home or business and give you a price before any work is performed. Thank you, call your awesome plumber today at 512-928-0378.